RedBull Split Depth

Well this was a nice surprise. The social media team at Redbull has reached out to me about creating some Split Depth videos for them. Apparently they saw the two gifs I created and posted to Reddit. Here is a preview of what I'm working on for them. 


Freelance Editing

Just finished up a few video editing gigs for Picnic Table Productions.

Great group of people there! Since I've been mostly concentrating on MoGraph work lately, I haven't had much editing work.  But the feeling of putting together the story for the project definitely has its perks. Might do a little more in that area as well.

Tutorial - Track Matte Transitions

Was browsing /r/motiongraphics and came across someone wanting to know how to use a trackmatte mask for a transition. Figured I would create a little tutorial to help the person out. Was kind of fun, might do some more of these.  Also, I added a video section to my portfolio, to showcase some of my other (non-MoGraph) work.


Road Home Animation (Cont..)

Was able to finish my portion the RoadHome project. You can check it out below. Unfortunately, I didn't have to time to have the character actually stand up, but I think I get the point across by having the two reach for each other.

Road Home Animation

Back from my trip on the Appalachian Trail, which means back to work on my part of the Road Home collaboration video. This is a video hoping to address the homeless problem in our country. It is a collaboration with 30 different animators, each providing 5-10 seconds of animation for the script. My section is  "It leads to big things..   Compassion and care for years of trauma…". In reference to people taking action about homelessness. Here I'm hoping to enhance my cinema4d skills, by trying my hand at some character animation. This is what I have so far. The figure on the right, will be helping the figure on the left stand up. Still a ways to go, but its a decent start. 


Split Depth

I've been exploring the split depth effect for the past few days. Split depth gives the illusion of 3D, by adding an extra plane to the image (the white lines), and manipulating an object on the image, so that it crosses those lines. This one is probably my favorite since it is from my favorite movie, "The Sandlot".